Frequently Asked Questions for EtherMeet

What can I use the EtherLabs Suite for?

EtherLabs provides a new suite of AI enabled video collaboration tools for teams who use Slack. These unique services are built to allow teams to better collaborate not only across distance, but also time. 

The suite consists of 3 services available when you install the EtherLabs app in your Slack workspace. 

  1. EtherMeet: EtherMeet is an AI enabled video collaboration service that leverages powerful media analytics and machine learning innovations to allow users to route important call parts as the call occurs back into the Slack channel for others to watch, listen, read, and reply – as well as auto-summarizes each conversation.  Just type /meet in the channel and everyone can join.
  2. EtherCast: EtherCast is a unique smart video messaging service for teams that use Slack.  Quickly “Cast” your standup, design review, presentation, lecture, or any response to team members via “1 way” video right from the channel.  Enjoy full audio, video, content sharing, and the ability to tag parts of the message for certain teammates. EtherCast will automatically transcribe and summarize the important moments of the message for those in the channel to watch or reply.  Just type /cast in the channel, and go!
  3. EtherNotes: EtherNotes is a one of a kind smart video summary service for teams who use Slack.  EtherNotes can automatically summarize any audio or video recording (Zoom, BlueJeans, etc) or YouTube video (training videos, etc).  EtherNotes transcribes and summarizes the important parts and pushes them into the Slack channel with links to those parts of the video.  Members of channel can listen/watch the parts of calls you missed and respond to those parts right in Slack, or collaborate around training videos!  Just type /notes in the Slack channel and add in the URL, and see the magic happen!

All results from each service are available in the mobile and desktop app for quick and easy viewing.

The suite is available in a free trial for up to 10 hours / month of service.  The paid tiers are $25/mo/workspace for up to 25 hours/mo of service, and 99/mo/workspace for up to 100/hrs/mo.

How can I improve team collaboration and productivity?

EtherMeet captures important call events so that team members can stay focused on their daily work. Even if you miss a meeting, EtherMeet captures important information so you can easily review the most important parts of the discussion at a later time. 

EtherMeet also allows meeting participants to capture the most important topics, tag team members outside of the meeting, and route those call parts to them in Slack so they are directed to the appropriate team member to review.

EtherCast allows you to “cast” a video message or presentation right into the channel for your teammates to view and respond.  Instead of typing out a response or explanation, just /cast it!

EtherNotes will summarize any video call recording, or any YouTube video right into the channel for others to read, watch, and respond!

How does EtherMeet compare to other video conferencing software?

While video recording is available on video conferencing solutions like Zoom and Bluejeans, TherMeet has two important characteristics. 

1) Real Time Call Part Routing: EtherMeet allows users to route call parts in real time with an “@mention” to users in the Slack channel to watch, listen, and reply – or join the active call. only EtherMeet uses artificial intelligence to track the most important topics in a call. We call this our Delorean feature.

2) EtherMeet provides Artificial Intelligence to learn what is important for members of the Slack channel based on what is said in the calls, and what is typed in the channel over time.  This contextual learning provides great accuracy and relevance for keyphrase extraction and summarization of each call – as well as smart alerts and search across calls in a channel.  We call our AI system “Channel Minds.”  Each Slack channel has a unique Channel Mind.

Is EtherMeet the best video conferencing tool for your business?

EtherMeet is the perfect solution for industries where close collaboration is vital for success. EtherMeet is perfect for teams who use Slack that are:

  • Remote or distributed teams – especially in different time zones
  • Engineering teams
  • Software Development and DevOps
  • Design and marketing teams with multiple offices
  • Sales Reviews
  • Financial industries where recording and documentation are required
  • Education or training industries with team members around the globe

Is EtherMeet video conferencing tool free?

EtherMeet is free for up to 10 hours per month. EtherMeet costs $5 per user/month for Unlimited calls for up to 50 users.  Contact us for Slack Workspaces larger than 50 users.

How do I get started?

Tell your Slack Administrator about the EtherLabs Suite. Have them add EtherLabs to their Slack installation.  Just type /meet, /cast, or /notes in a channel and get rolling!

Which web browsers are supported?

The EtherLabs Suite works best with Chrome. For Safari users, simply download the EtherMeet app for desktop use. For mobile, you can download the iPhone app from the Apple App Store. Our Android App is in the oven!

Is the EtherLabs Suite only available to Slack users?

The EtherLabs Suite is a Slack integration available on the Slack App marketplace. 

How long does it take for the meeting transcript to appear?

It all happens in real time. EtherMeet, EtherCast, and EtherNotes transcribes the most important information automatically and annotates the call notes as the call is happening. Once the call is complete, the video is automatically summarized highlighting the important moments of the call and routes it back into the Slack channel.