Direct. Notify. Respond.

The EtherMeet video conferencing service is a Slack integration that enables users to mark and direct video call parts in real time to others so they can watch, reply or join. EtherMeet also automatically summarizes the important moments of the call for everyone in the channel to read, watch or listen.

Best in class video conferencing…with brains

  • Route important call parts while on the call in real time to other team members in Slack to watch, follow up, or join
  • Automatically summarizes and transcribes important call parts and pushes them back into the Slack channel
  • Watch parts of calls you missed and respond to those parts right in Slack.  Keep the conversation going like you were there!

Type /meet

Start an EtherMeet call by typing “/meet” in any Slack channel or DM, or start/join using EtherLabs' mobile app.

Join the call

Everyone in channel or DM clicks link to join the EtherMeet call. EtherMeet launches and drops you into the call.

Route call parts back into the channel

Collaborate and set Markers at important points: New Topics, Action Items, Decisions, FYI. These call parts will route in real time back into the Slack channel for those not on the call to watch, listen, and reply.

Missed the call? No worries!

When the call ends an automatic summary of the important moments of the call is routed back into the Slack channel for channel members to re-engage with!

Less Note Taking. Better Meetings.

If you’re a team of 2 or 2000 using Slack, EtherMeet is the most powerful video conferencing service built uniquely for Slack, which allows your teams to collaborate not only across distance, but also time – ensuring context of conversations are never lost. Check out our FAQ page to see more about how EtherMeet can improve your team collaboration.

Video Conferences On The Go

Download the iOS app to engage in any meeting with complete video and audio features just like the desktop counterpart!